Halt Cribbing - Safe, effective and attractive, it's no wonder it's one of our most popular products!


Protect your horses and your wood... at the same time!

The most sought after product in Carbolineum's history -- no surprise, since it discourages horses from chewing surrounding wood fences, pens, walls, etc. Horses love to chew wood, which can be very unhealthy, causing bloating & weight loss. Protect your wood, and protect your horses.

Carbolineum Halt Cribbing is available in brown and black. It lasts longer than paint, looks great, and contains an active ingredient which is non-toxic and highly disagreeable to 99% of all horses.

Not intended for painted or pressure treated wood. Our Halt Cribbing product is available in one and five gallon cans, 30 or 55 gallon drums. Halt Cribbing is cheaper, and far more humane than various restraint systems developed to discourage horse chewing!

Halt Cribbing - Brown
1 Gal. - HCM601C - 29 lbs.
5 Gal. - HCM605 - 36 lbs.
30 Gals. - HC0630 - 275 lbs.
50 Gals. - HC0655 - 450 lbs.
Halt Cribbing - Black
1 Gal. - HCM301C - 29 lbs.
5 Gal. - HCM305 - 36 lbs.
30 Gals. - HC0330 - 275 lbs.
50 Gals. - HC0355 - 450 lbs.